Photo of two machine blades
Photo of a stage in blade production

Our service for you

Your blades from Winterhoff Picard are produced precisely according to your requirements. We are flexible and adapt our blades to suit your needs exactly. The appearance of your blades is a decision you make on your own; we offer you all the possibilities:

Tailored to customer requirements
We use special hardening processes, optimize geometries, change materials or implement special cutter angle specifications according to your requirements.

Send us a sketch of the blade shape and dimensions you require. We will then hold talks with you and obtain any missing information.

We reproduce specimens exactly. Naturally we analyze the material and test the hardness for this purposes.

We manufacture your blade exactly according to your specifications. You decide whether this should be based on industrial tolerances or tolerances specified by you.

Problem analysis and output optimization
In our company or at your facilities, we put forward proposals to resolve problems and improve cutting performance, e.g. by changing materials, cutting angle and shape optimization, coatings or polishing.

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