Photo of two machine knives
Photo of two machine knives

Machine knives

Knives for brands and markets

When gummy bear bags get their characteristic teeth and toilet paper its perfect tear-off perforation - that’s when Winterhoff Picard knives are involved.

In recent decades, Winterhoff Picard has acquired a very special reputation as a knife specialist for consumer packaging and products.

Our main focus:


Tubular foils enclose and seal a very diverse range of products. Compact packaging units such as sixpacks for drinks are made from them. Foil knives seal sundae cups and singulate garbage bags, perforate sheets of film and other items, all to facilitate product removal for the consumer.

Photo of a six-pack of lemonade More about foil knives

Poly-tube bags

Many products today are marketed in foil sachets. They enclose bulk goods perfectly, protect it hygienically, keep it vacuumed in shape and much more. Foil packaging is the first choice for gummy bears, coffee, liquorice, chocolate, chocolate bars or detergents.

Photo of a six-pack of lemonade More about poly-tube bag-cutter knives

Packaging, composite materials

Juices, tomato paste and milk all have one thing in common. They can be packed wonderfully hygienically, durably and compactly in cartons made of composite materials. Cut with our packaging and composite material knives.

Photo of a package of coffee More about composite material knives

Plastics, rubber

Plastics and rubber are among the viscous materials cut by our knives with high precision. We accordingly meet the high professional standards for cold and hot-cutting tires, window profiles and hoses.

Photo of a car tire More about plastic and rubber knives

Paper, hygiene

Paper is one of the most versatile materials. It can be the packaging, shipping carton or the product itself all at the same time, as in the case of modern hygiene products. This requires optimum performance from our knives.

Photo of three kitchen rolls More about paper and hygiene knives

Food processing

The processing and cutting of food products is subject to hygiene regulations. Moreover, each food product makes different demands on the knife. It is simply impossible to cut cheese, candy or ice with the same type of knife.

Photo of a lettuce More about knives for food processing


Biofilms are made from renewable raw materials and, once used, revert to their biological components. In between, they protect and present the goods or keep them fresh. They are cut with knives which are matched to the strength and composition of the films: so the eco-cut remains economical.

Das Bild zeigt ein Foto eines Autoreifens More about bio-foil/film knives

Special knives

Your requirements do not fit any of our main portfolio segments? Then you are still at right place; our expertise naturally goes far beyond portfolio products. After all, special requirements always require special solutions - we don't have standard items.

More about special knives

OEM quality for all requirements

Good is not good enough. You can only achieve perfect cuts, maximum service life and maximum output with the best knives. This is what makes us one of the most important suppliers of original equipment manufacturer quality.

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