Photo of two machine knives

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Knives for brands and markets

Whenever you hold a package of coffee, gummy bears, chocolate Easter bunnies or a paper handkerchief in your hands, Winterhoff Picard knives were almost always involved. The quality of our products is relied upon by many major brands. Because these major brands cannot afford to make any compromises - just like us, when it comes to high-precision knife cutting, perforation and punching.

Photo of Dagmar and Ralf HüttebräuckerThe Winterhoff Picard management: Dagmar and Ralf Hüttebräucker.

Reliable partners
We see ourselves as partners of our customers. Our business relationships are therefore conducted in a fair, honest manner. We want to accomplish more than just satisfying our customers’ demands for quality and reliability. Our actions are characterized by personal effort, open partnership on an equal footing and performance that goes far beyond the scope of what is normal.

Strong roots for a strong position
This corporate philosophy came into being in 1865, when Ewald Winterhoff founded his factory and developed into a specialist in a wide variety of machine knives. The same applied to the company Picard. The two companies complemented each other so well that in 1997, we were able to merge them in the 5th generation. Since then, our customers have been relying on our comprehensive expertise for demanding markets.

Photograph of a stage of knife productionWe understand your markets, your products and the materials that our knives process.

Uncompromising understanding and delivery
Our underlying objective is the exact understanding and precise implementation of each customer requirement. Our knives are used in absolute quality markets. In our profession, they are determined by the quality of the cut, service life, optimized production rates and increasingly higher processing speeds. The knives are the decisive factor on the machine.

Decision in excellent company
When selecting their knives, many brand name manufacturers and suppliers to a wide variety of markets decide in favor of quality and precision and have thus made Winterhoff Picard one of the market leaders in our industry. We regard materials as the most valuable resource, along with precise cutting, the narrowest tolerances, flexibility and reliable delivery. This claim makes us a major OEM supplier to machine manufacturers.

Knowledge of the practice
Winterhoff Picard’s field service acts directly on the markets. Regardless of whether foils, rubber, composites, paper, cardboard, aluminum or other materials are to be processed - we know what really counts for you with each cut and how we can accept your challenge. We know the requirements imposed by your materials and machines; our technical support is consequently there for you by phone, in person or on site.

Photo of a quality auditKnife perfection - for cutting, perforation and tasks tailored to your requirements.

Flexibility is strength
We produce each knife tailored to the customer’s requirements, in large quantities or custom-made in small quantities. Our clients decide whether we should produce their knives according to original drawings, sketches or specimens, which steels we use, and how we finish and coat surfaces. This means we always produce your first choice, with a precision that can be achieved by almost no one else.